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Climbing Wall Mats

Promats® Athletics provides climbing wall crash pads or “landing zone” mat protection in three varieties. Climbing wall mats serve double duty by providing a measure of protection for those engaged in climbing or traversing while also serving to keep people off the wall or to provide wall protection. This product is ideal for multipurpose facilities (elementary school, recreation center, etc.) Portable landing zone mats can be moved around from one location to another and can used on top of other floor protection mats to provide a degree of extra cushioning. Finally, our wide selection of foams and carpet bonded foam products allow you to build a permanently padded floor to meet your custom requirements.










Promats climbing wall mats are designed to offer both floor and wall protection. They are hinged at the bottom and attached to the wall so they stay firmly in place at all times. Each mat is 4' wide and 6' high with custom sizes available upon request. The foam core consists of 1 3/8" cross-linked polyethylene and 1" of high impact foam for a total mat thickness of 2 3/8". These mats are made with tough 18 ounce vinyl and Hook & Loop Fasteners on the sides to hold the mats together on the wall and floor.


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handholdsWe offer a variety of methods to secure the mats to the wall. Our most popular attachment provides a quick and easy Hook & Loop Fastener strap (under and over specially designed hand/foot holds) plus a loop for a cable and lock.

Morganic Climbing, Inc is the source of the handholds pictured, you can find more at www.ClimbingHolds.com

For additional sources of handholds please see:


Atomik Features Bolt on and Screw On Alphabet Hand Holds, great for kids and adults! 


Notice how our climbing wall mats have a continuous hinge at the bottom (instead of randomly spaced straps). This method of attachment eliminates the possibility that the climber can get a foot caught between the wall and the edge of the mat.

Also take note of the strong 2” wide Hook & Loop Fastener strips which are used to securely fasten one mat to the other side by side. This eliminates the chance that the mats can pull apart by accident and allow a foot to get trapped between the mats.



Promats Portable Landing Zone Mats (sometimes called crash pads or bouldering mats) are constructed with durable 18 oz. heavy coated vinyl. Breather fabric is located around three sides. Zippers make foam replacement a snap, while handles allow for easy handling. We bond a top layer of 1 3/8" cross-linked polyethylene to a layer of high impact foam for a total thickness of either 4” or 6”.

climbwalllandingThe polyethylene provides a firm landing surface while the high impact foam bottom layer provides cushioned support. Our portable landing zone mats can be custom designed to your specifications for width, length, and total thickness. While a non-folding configuration is standard, we can also make them in a folding mat style upon request.







  • Polyurethane Foam (various sizes and thickness)
  • Bonded Foam (various sizes and thickness)
  • Polyethylene (rolls of 6’ x 42’ x --1.4” or 2” thick)
  • Proethylene Foam (sheets 4' x 6' -- 2" or 4" thick)
  • Proethylene Foam (sheets 4' x 8' -- 3" or 6" thick)



Pro X Floor


This product combines 18 ounce low pile plush carpet laminated to cross-linked polyethylene foam. This would be an ideal top layer for your custom permanent floor. Pro X Flooring comes in rolls that are 6’ x 42’ with three different thicknesses to choose from. This product is available in blue/silver fibers, royal blue, navy, light grey, green, purple or red and comes with Hook Fasteners to secure sections together (please note that red, green, or purple are slightly more expensive than the other colors).