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Exterior Products
University of Lousiville Chain Link Field Wall Padding from Promats® Athletics

Stadium Padding

Stadium wall padding works and we understand that, but here at Promats® Athletics, we don’t believe the industry should be complacent with basic wall padding, which is why we developed the Zone Family of wall padding. Customers now have options when they decide to invest in new padding: BaseZone™, EnviroZone™ or PROZone™!

This complete line of wall padding is the industry’s ONLY complete line with multiple options. Combine those options with the new deltaF™ technology—Promats® Athletics has hit another homerun!




DURAZone® Pole Vault Pit with Cover

Landing Pits

JumpZone® and DURAZone® field event protective padding pole vault pit and high jump pit landing systems are manufactured from an 19oz heavy coated vinyl polyester exterior that has a high tear and tensile strength with an inner “honeycomb” polyurethane foam core consisting of several different layers providing for the longest lasting design possible. This combined with double stitched seams, 8” hook & loop attachment reinforcement between sections, 2” nylon web handles, buckles, stainless steel snap hooks and “D” rings, results in a landing pad system with superior durability and weathering.



Goal & Post Padding

Light Pole Hex Pad

Both round and hexagonal style football goal post pads are available. Each are covered in a heavy coated vinyl laminated polyester fabric that has a minimum weight of 18 oz. per square yard. The standard pad height is six feet tall and has a full length hook and loop closure for easy installation (grommet closure available upon request).



Fence & Railing Padding

Promats® Round Guard Rail Pads

Promats provides a wide variety of products designed to pad or protect your chain link fence top rails, horizontal mid & bottom rails, and the vertical posts. Whether you are looking to pad these dangerous rails and posts, or simply protect against the fence mesh extending above the top rail, we have products that will serve your needs.





Wind & Privacy Screens

Tennis Court Screening, Wind Screen, Privacy Screen, Batter’s Eye, and other forms of fence screening products are available from Promats in many colors, styles, and sizes. Wind Screen offers many benefits to your facility including wind and noise reduction, increased privacy, improved player focus and concentration. Fence screens also enhance facility appearance.








For future installations of tension netting and semi-permanent backstop netting where maximum spectator visibility is vital, Promats Athletics will be offering its customers new knotless netting called Ultra-Cross. Thanks to the knotless pattern and high-strength lightweight fiber of Ultra-Cross, fans will be afforded a much clearer view of the action on the field. Due to its lightweight fibers, Ultra-Cross™ has the potential of reducing installation costs as related to structural requirements thus offering improved spectator visibility at a lower cost.